Children’s Dentist Rosebery

Children grow and develop quickly at a young age. However, how a child grows dictates how they will develop later in life. It is well-documented that the early years in a persons life are the most important and the same applies for their oral health.​

Adult teeth start developing from birth and continue to do so until 16 years of age. Dental infections or trauma experienced during childhood may affect developing adult teeth causing problems such as:

  • poor quality tooth structure
  • missing teeth
  • atypical shaped teeth
  • weak teeth
  • atypical coloured teeth
  • crooked teeth
Unfortunately, dentists in general are still focused on just the teeth. However the mouth is part of a bigger system – the human body. Children in particular need to be seen by a dentist or paediatric specialist who have a background and understanding in growth and development; interaction of the airway, breathing and posture to the rest of the body; and, paediatric health and nutrition, while taking a holistic approach from a dental viewpoint.

Without taking these factors into consideration, your child may develop problems with posture, jaw discrpancies, or crowding, which, if not corrected early, will require complex treatment such as surgery or complicated orthodontic treatment.

At the Healthy Smile Centre, we are qualified to understand and manage your child’s needs and also work with other dental and medical specialists as needed.

Contact Healthy Smile Centre to improve your child’s dental and facial development today. If your child has never been to the dentist before, contact us to organise a free tour of the surgery and request an information pack.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Contact us for more information