Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a government-funded dental program aimed at preventing dental disease.

From 1st January 2014, children 2-17 years of age will have access to this Medicare program. Entitlements include $1, 000 of dental treatment over a two year period for eligible children. Benefits cover basic dental needs such as check-ups, dental cleans, x-rays, fillings and extractions. Complex procedures such as orthopaedics and orthodontics are not covered.

If your child is eligible, do not waste this opportunity to ensure your child is cared comprehensively by one of Sydney’s most trusted children’s dentists. At the Healthy Smile Centre, we understand the complexities involved in a growing child and emphasise on holistic dental treatment – not just focusing on the teeth but how the entire body works in unison.

For more information and eligibility criteria, click here.

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