Ever heard of a bracelift?

Ever heard of a bracelift?

by | Jan 3, 2022

We all know about the politics of age. Nowadays age is a hotter topic than ever, mostly because the media promotes and idolises those with painfully perfect, youthful appearances. It’s a fact that many of us spend vast amounts of money on serums and creams claiming to tighten, brighten and turn back the hands of time. Some even turn to surgery, which often sadly has the effect of accelerating the appearance of ageing rather than the other way around. Re-evaluating our attitudes towards age should be the priority, and understanding that ageing gracefully is not only possible but admirable. So, did you know that considering braces in Erskineville could be part of your graceful ageing plan?

How does a bracelift work?

One fantastic way to naturally age gracefully is by looking after your teeth. Let’s face it, a healthy, well maintained set of teeth does wonders for one’s appearance, particularly when they are straight. Straightened teeth provide an aesthetic and natural enhancement, to not only your smile but also to the shape of your face. When you think about it this is obvious as your lips are of course supported by your teeth. The subtle movements involved in good orthodontic practice allows for a natural-looking facial lift. Not only does having a straight smile look good, it feels great, it’s easier to clean and decreases your chances of gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, what better way to protect your natural beauty, than to visit us for braces in Erskineville?

What kind of braces will work?

At the Healthy Smile Centre in Erskineville, braces available include both traditional and modern options. We use contemporary brace systems such as Damon and Invisalign. Both provide optimal results and patient comfort. When you undergo straightening treatment with the Damon system in particular, you not only straighten your teeth but affect the bones and soft tissues of your 3D facial structure. This is what we call a bracelift. With the skills of our dentists in Erskineville, braces can play a fantastic role in your plan to age gracefully. Let us help you to transform your natural teeth, allowing you to give fabulous, radiant smiles for many years to come.