Found an odd lump in your mouth?Come to the Healthy Smile Centre for treatment today!

Found an odd lump in your mouth?Come to the Healthy Smile Centre for treatment today!

by | Sep 1, 2022

There are few things that are more worrying than the appearance of a lump or growth in your mouth.

Even if you do not smoke, it is likely that as soon as you notice that lump while brushing, your mind jumps to the worst case scenario. But don’t worry, at the Healthy Smile Centre, we can help you through it!

Numerous studies have found that early detection of oral cancer leads to a better prognosis and higher recovery rates, so the moment you see or feel anything unusual during your dental hygiene regime, call us as soon as possible.

At the Healthy Smile Centre, our dentist in Zetland can perform a thorough investigation of any strange lumps or bumps you find in your mouth, to help assess the likelihood of oral cancer. Although most growths are benign, our team will be happy to assess anyone who has concerns about oral cancer and, if necessary, will refer you on for further testing.

What should you expect when you come to our dentist in Zetland for oral cancer screening?

Visual examination

First and foremost, when you come to our dentist in Zetland, the first thing our team will do is perform a visual examination.

During this, if you are wearing a removable oral appliance like a brace, you will be asked to take it off, so our team can assess your entire mouth. Our team will look for any unusual colourings, asymmetries, swellings or ulcerations which could indicate a problem. We will also evaluate your gums, teeth, your inner cheeks and the roof of your mouth during the visual part of your oral screening assessment.

Physical examination

Once our team has completed the visual assessment, they will move onto the physical stage of the examination.

This involves them touching your cheeks, under your jaw, under your chin and even in specific areas in your mouth, checking for nodules or growths. You will likely be asked if any areas are tender and our team may want to feel your neck as you swallow to detect any unusual muscle contractions.

Tools we may use

When you come to the Healthy Smile Centre for oral cancer screening, we will use a tongue compressor, a mirror and a light to conduct the initial parts of the examination.

If we feel that further testing is warranted, we may use a specialist brush to remove cells from a specific area in your mouth, to send off for further testing. Don’t worry! The majority of lumps and bumps in the mouth are benign, so even at this stage, it is all routine diagnostics.

After the screening

If our team determines that there are some things that warrant further examination, then we will send you to an oral cancer specialist for further tests and/or treatment. Remember, if you are diagnosed with oral cancer, try not to worry! The treatment is very simple and there is a very high survival rate as long as the cancer is detected early.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.