Great smile, great job

Great smile, great job

by | Jan 7, 2022

Much as we all like to think that we judge people on their merits, how we look can play a pivotal role in how well we do in interviews, whether it be for a job or for a date, people judge us on how we present. And of that look, the smile may be one of the most important things that people judge us by.

It isn’t that people are shallow. The smile has always been the most important non-verbal tool of communication, going back to times before we were modern humans who could form words. A smile is still an important indicator of warmth and friendliness, youth and health. That’s why investing in orthodontics in Erskineville is also investing in your life. Ask anyone who has had orthodontics in Erskineville how much better they feel about themselves, how much more they smile and how different the responses are from others. You might be surprised at how much difference straight teeth can make.

But beware of the dentist who tells you that you need to have teeth extracted in order to achieve that lovely straight smile. The human mouth should be able to accommodate all 16 teeth on each arch. If your dentist is telling you that you need to have teeth removed before wearing braces to draw the remaining back teeth into the mouth and into alignment, you are going to end up without the requisite amount of lip support. Your lips will look flatter and that’s not very flattering.

Here at the Healthy Smile Centre in Rosebery, we prefer to find other ways with orthodontics in Erskineville to give you a great smile. We use a couple of great systems to straighten your teeth.

Damon braces
Damon braces use a self-ligating system. This means that the braces tighten themselves as your teeth move into alignment. The same amount of pressure is kept up all the time instead of it gradually wearing off as the teeth move after each adjustment by the dentist. Fewer visits to us for you and swifter treatment times.

//Clear aligners//
Mouth guard-style aligners from Invisalign and Truline that are removable for eating and cleaning and almost invisible when in place over the teeth.