Has your baby got their first tooth? The importance of preventive dentistry in young children

Has your baby got their first tooth? The importance of preventive dentistry in young children

by | Sep 1, 2022

It is an exciting time when your child has their first tooth coming through.

While many parents have been brought up with the belief that good oral hygiene should only start when your child has all of their teeth, as soon as that first tooth begins to poke through, you need to implement a hygiene regime at home and with our team at Healthy Smile Centre.

Of course, it can seem a bit odd to take a child of 12 months old to see a dental professional but, as many studies have found, early exposure to these situations can make it easier for our children as they grow up.

At the Healthy Smile Centre, we know the importance of preventive dentistry with toddlers and children, and our dentist in Green Square works alongside parents to ensure that all of our younger patients have the healthiest smiles! Everything from basic check-ups to the application of orthodontic braces, our team can help you to keep your child’s teeth in top shape!

But, what are some of the issues that can occur if your child doesn’t see our dentist in Green Square from an early age?


OK, so anyone who is a parent has thought about the day when their child may need braces.

But, did you know that with modern dental technologies, it is now easier to predict and prevent the use of orthodontic braces in children?

When you come to our dentist in Green Square, our team will assess the position of any erupting baby teeth and will take X-rays to predict the most likely eruption site of the adult teeth. If your child has lost their baby teeth early, this is a reliable indicator of issues such as overcrowding, which we can now correct earlier.

Tooth decay

A common issue among many children who have not been attending regular check-ups and hygienist appointments is tooth decay.

Caused by poor brushing technique or too many sweets, this can obviously lead to conditions like abscesses and swollen gums, neither of which are pleasant. Talk to our team today about the best ways to prevent your child from developing tooth decay.

Poor brushing technique

As odd as it sounds, many children and even adults do not brush their teeth using the proper technique!

This can obviously lead to issues with things like plaque accumulation and so, if you introduce your child to our team earlier, we can show them how to give their teeth a thorough clean correctly.

Enamel damage

Enamel is thinner in young children and so, bacteria can damage it more easily.

Visiting our surgery can help us to identify areas of weaker enamel and treat it using fluoride sealants. Perfect!

Tooth loss

The end result of poor oral hygiene for many children is tooth extraction.

This can impact on the emergence of adult teeth, leading to crowding issues and further orthodontic problems.

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All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.