It’s all connected

It’s all connected

by | Jan 3, 2022

You know that song about your knee bone’s connected to your thigh bone? And your thigh bone’s connected to your hip bone, and so on? Well the same thing can be said of your teeth. Your teeth are connected to your jawbone, which is connected to your head, neck, airways and the rest of your body. Much as dentistry has tended to concentrate on teeth like they are a totally separate part of the body, it’s just not true, and especially not so when it comes to getting braces in Erskineville.

If you are worrying about misaligned teeth, either for yourself or your child, many a dentist will tell you that you can have braces in Erskineville. If your teeth are all crowded together, they will probably also tell you that you will need to have several teeth removed to make more room for your crowded teeth, which will then be straightened into the gaps.

Keep your pout

Your teeth do more than chew and help you speak clearly. They also help hold your face in place. So, if your dentist takes several out before fitting you with braces in Erskineville, you will have beautifully aligned teeth that take up less room in your mouth and so don’t hold out your cheeks and lips the way they used to. You get straight teeth but flatter lips, which will make you look older.

How’s your breathing?

If you have crowded jaws, you may not know that they could also be restricting your breathing. In young children, restricted air passages can lead to infections in the ear and upper respiratory tract, visual disturbances, incorrect patterns of speech and swallowing as well as several other symptoms. If your child’s air passages are restricted, it can affect how their teeth come through and could make them more crowded. But, if you bring your child into see us at the Healthy Smile Centre, we can find out if they are going to have this problem, from the age of three, and we can do something to make sure they have correct facial growth with room for all their teeth and good breathing too.