Need help to give up smoking?Reasons to quit with the Healthy Smile Centre

Need help to give up smoking?Reasons to quit with the Healthy Smile Centre

by | Sep 1, 2022

As you are no doubt aware, if you are a smoker, there are a lot of health implications associated with this habit. Indeed, linked to numerous diseases, smoking is a habit that can cause a great deal of harm and unfortunately, is also one of the hardest addictions to overcome without help.

While there are health warnings everywhere about the problems smoking can cause to your body, even today, few people are aware of how smoking can impact negatively on their oral health.

But don’t worry! If you want to quit smoking, you have taken the first step by typing ‘dentist near me’ into a search engine and our team, the Healthy Smile Centre can help you to give smoking the boot!

At The Healthy Smile Centre, our team offers smoking cessation advice to our patients. We are proud to be your ‘dentist near me’ who can provide you with clinical support for giving up smoking, allowing you to improve both your physical and oral health at the same time.

But what are the oral benefits of giving up smoking using our help? Read on to find out!

Reduced risk of gum disease

Chances are when you search for a ‘dentist near me’ who can help you to quit smoking, one of the first things that will be mentioned is gum disease.

Nicotine that is found in cigarettes can impact the attachment between your gums and bone, interfering with the normal function of gum tissue cells.

This can cause chronic inflammation, which can lead to extensive periodontal issues. Stopping smoking reduces these issues and allows the inflammation to settle.

Increases ability to fight infection

If you smoke, it is unlikely that your immune system will be able to fight infection correctly.

While this may seem like an issue that is more likely to affect the whole body, combined with tooth loss and gum disease, this can prevent you from recovering from dental infections.

Putting an end to smoking boosts your immune system, allowing you to fight off infection naturally.

Reduces the likelihood of tooth loss

Tooth loss and smoking go hand in hand; due to receding gum lines and inflammation, smokers are more prone to losing teeth.

When you come to us for help to cease smoking, you will notice that your gums will become visibly healthier and will revert to a wholesome shade of pink, as opposed to a red or pale colour.

This will increase your chances of keeping your teeth in your jaw where they belong.

Oral cancer risks decrease

Ceasing smoking decreases the chances of oral cancer, along with esophageal cancer and stomach cancer.

In fact, the risks decrease significantly after the first 6 months, so our team will be happy to help you kick the habit to reduce this risk.

Natural tooth whitening

Nicotine and smoking stain the teeth, sometimes yellow and sometimes brown. Either way, this is not a good look.

When you give up smoking, your teeth will become naturally whiter and over time will revert to their former pearly shade.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.