Prevent fears or phobias of the dentist in children

Prevent fears or phobias of the dentist in children

by | Jan 7, 2022

Even people who don’t mind visiting the dentist probably wouldn’t say it was an enjoyable experience. In fact, dentists themselves report that going to the dentist is not easy for them. The fact is, taking yourself to the dentist, laying yourself down in the chair and opening your mouth wide for instruments that quite frankly look dangerous, is not something that comes naturally to anyone. Least of all children or anyone who has a fear of the dentist

Getting your child to the dentist in Erskineville
According to research, children who are introduced to dental appointments at an early age are less likely to develop a fear of the dentist. They’re also more likely to have a positive attitude to oral health. In turn, they’re more likely to have a healthy mouth for longer.

Did you know that adult teeth actually start to develop way before they appear?
In fact, adult tooth growth begins at birth and only ends when they are fully emerged. The early dental health of your child can play an important role in how their adult teeth form. Dental trauma, malnutrition and many other factors as a young child can affect adult teeth later in life. Problems can include:

  • Irregular tooth structure
  • Weak teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Colour irregularities
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth.

Picking the right dentist
Of course, your dentist in Erskineville should offer child-friendly appointments and be trained in children’s oral health. Your dentist in Erskineville should introduce oral health to your child in a way that they will understand.

Here at the Healthy Smile Centre, we find that our patients are much better at looking after their teeth when they are armed with the right information. After all, how can anyone keep a good oral health routine when they don’t know the correct ins and outs?

Make sure your child has the knowledge to keep their mouth healthy for the future by taking them to your dentist in Erskineville from a young age. Our team are experienced in children’s oral health, they will make sure your child feels safe and has all the information they need to maintain great oral health for their future.