Put a crown on it

Put a crown on it

by | Jan 4, 2022

If you have teeth that are starting to give way but still have healthy roots then it may be time to start investigating crowns in Erskineville.

Crowns in Erskineville are like a big hat that fits over your teeth to give it extra strength and protection and so extend its life. Here at the Healthy Smile Centre, we fit crowns on people whose teeth have become weakened in some way:

  • maybe a back tooth is about to split because it has a large filling in it and it bears the brunt of jaw clenching and night time grinding;
  • maybe dental decay has now gone so far that to just put in a filling would leave very little tooth material around it, certainly not enough to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing;
  • maybe your tooth has become discoloured after lots of fillings and now looks rather grey and awful in your mouth.

You will also need to have a crown fitted if you have had to have root canal treatment, where we have drained the pulp out of your tooth root to save it from being killed off by an infection. Another way we use crowns is as a buttress for bridges and dentures, to hold false teeth firmly in place. You will also find crowns being used in dental implant treatments. Crowns are attached to implant posts via a component called an abutment.

Cerec restorations

Getting a crown fitted used to be quite a palaver. You’d have to have impressions made, having dental putty jammed up against your teeth, possibly making you gag. Then you’d have to put up with a temporary crown, which had a nasty habit of wobbling around or even falling out, while your long-term crown was being made in a laboratory, which could take at least two weeks.

Now, here at the Healthy Smile Centre, crowns in Erskineville can be created in a day with our Cerec machine. No putty needed; we use a digital scanner to collect the measurements we need to design a crown on our computers and make a new crown in about an hour. You can even watch the crown being made in our Cerec machine.