Setting things straight

Setting things straight

by | Jan 4, 2022

If you are one of many people to consider dental implants in Erskineville, we at Healthy Smile Centre are here to make your journey to straight teeth, an easy one. We aim to provide everything you need, so you can decide whether dental implants are the suitable choice for you. From giving you all the information you need about the procedure, to undergoing surgery, we keep our patients informed and assured.

Fear of the drill

Whilst the idea of a brilliant new smile sounds great, some people may suddenly feel anxious when the day comes, and they arrive at the dentist in Erskineville. Dental implants can feel like quite a dramatic procedure. The thought of someone drilling screws in your mouth can be scary and invasive.

As soon as you get here, we aim to make you feel at ease and take time to reassure you and eliminate any pressure or nerves you many be feeling. We use a local anaesthetic to numb the pain and ensure maximum comfort during the surgery. We will make sure the tissue of your mouth is healthy, prior to surgery, and only treat patients for dental implants if they are suitable.

If your anxieties begin before treatment, or you suffer from dental phobia, we are here to comfort and educate you on the treatment and its many benefits, and will do our best to help you overcome these fears. We also provide happy gas and IV/ twilight sedation facilities if necessary. At Healthy Smile Centre, we deal with patients who have anxieties on a daily basis and provide a non-judgemental and caring atmosphere in which to talk.

Embrace the benefits

Once you have decided dental implants in Erskineville are the way to go, and have overcome your concerns, you can begin to look forward to the many benefits the treatment has to offer.

The first thing you might notice, is your appearance. Whether you have had one or multiple teeth replaced, a filled gap can make all the difference to the aesthetics of your teeth, and in turn, the confidence in your smile. It will also improve your ability to eat, and your general oral health.