Taking the hassle out of crowns

Taking the hassle out of crowns

by | Jan 5, 2022

One way you can extend the life of your teeth when they are getting very damaged is to cover them with crowns in Erskineville.

A crown is what we call a cap that is shaped like your tooth. We put it over your tooth to protect it.

When the crown is cemented into place, it will completely cover the tooth above the gum line.

At Healthy Smile Centre in Rosebery, we use crowns in Erskineville on teeth that have healthy roots but their chewing parts need extra support, either because they are now more filling than tooth, or are starting to split or crumble, perhaps because of bruxism, which is the medical term for grinding your teeth in your sleep. We can also use crowns to cover over teeth that are badly misshapen or intrinsically discoloured and won’t respond to whitening.

We also use crowns on replacement teeth, such as for dentures, bridges and dental implants.

Crowns then
If you’ve ever had a crown fitted, you will remember what a hassle it was. First of all, you had to come in and try not to choke when we took impressions of your teeth with dental putty. Then we ground down your tooth and fitted you with a temporary crown, all of which required a local anaesthetic. Then you had to wait a couple of weeks while your crown was handcrafted by a dental technician in a laboratory. It might even take longer if they had a long queue of other restorations to make before yours. In the meantime, because your temporary crown was not cemented into place, it might fall off and you’d have to come back to have it put back on. Finally, your crown would arrive and we could cement it into place, which would need yet more local anaesthetic.

Crowns in Erskineville now
You need a crown? Come over to our Cerec machine and watch it being made before we fit it. It’s as simple as that. We digitally scan the tooth that needs a crown, design you a crown using CAD technology and the Cerec machine makes it out of ceramic, colouring and all. Then we cement it into place for you, all in one visit.