Why is it important for children to visit the dentist in Erskineville?

Why is it important for children to visit the dentist in Erskineville?

by | Jan 7, 2022

Having healthy teeth and gums is a constant work-in-progress that starts as soon as those teeth come through in childhood. Your children should be educated in proper dental hygiene as soon as they start to get their teeth as this will help them establish a lifetime of good oral habits.

At Healthy Smile Centre, we strongly believe in early preventive oral care and for this reason, we encourage our patients to bring their children to the dentist in Erskineville as soon as their first teeth appear. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that early dental visits have many benefits that could lead to reduced oral health costs in the long-term.

Prevention is always better than cure
The early monitoring of gum disease and tooth decay by an experienced dentist in Erskineville is beneficial for your children. Early dental visits increase your children’s likelihood of avoiding gum disease and tooth decay. If left untreated, these conditions can affect your child’s biting and chewing pattern and disrupt the proper alignment of their jaw. Not to mention that both conditions can be painful and costly to fix.

Preparing for your first visit
Children are usually afraid of the unknown and they are likely to overreact if they visit the dentist without being prepared. The best way to prepare them is to remain calm, explain everything in advance in simple words and even introduce role play to ensure that your child has a good understanding of what is going to happen in the dentist’s chair. If you remain relaxed, calm and positive, you are going to set a great example for your child to follow. Needless to say, our dentist in Erskineville will strive to make your child feel at ease from the beginning of their visit to the end.

What to expect
The first dental appointment for your child will not be complicated; our dentist in Erskineville will focus on familiarising themselves with your child before examining their teeth. They will give helpful tips on dental hygiene as well as dietary advice. If you are looking to making your child’s visit to the dentist a positive one, contact us today.