Wisdom teeth, the skinny on extraction

Wisdom teeth, the skinny on extraction

by | Jan 7, 2022

Wisdom teeth are so called because they come through later than your other adult teeth, often between the ages of 17-25, sometimes decades later. Sometimes they try to come through but the angle isn’t good and they get jammed up against your back molars. This can be painful and it can cause infection. It’s called an impacted wisdom tooth, you may have heard of it.

When you get something like this happening, you may well have to book an appointment for wisdom teeth extraction in Erskineville.

At Healthy Smile Centre, we can do wisdom teeth extraction in Erskineville under local anaesthetic. Here’s how it works:

You realise there is a problem
You will probably realise something is wrong when you start experiencing intense pain near the back teeth. Although we will quickly guess that you’ve got wisdom teeth trouble, an x-ray will help us make sure we are right.

Creating the right conditions for extraction
You are already in pain so you will probably want a local anaesthetic to numb the area. If you are also anxious about having an extraction, we can also offer you sedation. Sedation will relax you so that you will float through the removal of the offending wisdom tooth. Extraction is, of course, carried out in a sterile environment with sterile equipment.

What to do after wisdom teeth extraction in Erskineville
Immediately after extraction, we will get you to bite down on a gauze pad until the bleeding stops. This may require more than one pad.

You may well experience some pain and swelling after your wisdom tooth is removed. You can treat this with over-the-counter painkillers.

Because the mouth is a wet area, you won’t be able to form a dry scab, but you will form a blood clot over the extraction site. It’s important not to remove this.

Eat soft foods. Avoid smoking, alcohol or vigorous rinsing, all of which may disturb the clot, which you need to keep in place to stop bleeding and aid healing.

We will give you more specific instructions when you come to us for wisdom teeth extraction in Erskineville.