A dentist with a difference

A dentist with a difference

by | Jan 4, 2022

Have you noticed how your mouth is connected to the rest of your body? How it links directly to your guts via your stomach, and your bloodstream, via your lungs? Have you spotted the muscles and tendons in your head, neck and shoulders that keep everything working? The nerves to your central nervous system that tell you about pain, texture and taste? We have. And as your dentist in Erskineville, we keep that connectedness firmly in mind when you come to us at Healthy Smile Centre for check-ups, cleanings and treatments.

You may think we’re going a bit overboard with this, but maybe that’s because you don’t know about the links between gum disease, and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, breast cancer, and more. Yes, that sticky film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth when you feed it sugar, can create all kinds of havoc if you don’t remove it.

We don’t want to put the frighteners on you though. You are not about to die or lose all your teeth, not with us, where we prefer to practise preventive dentistry so that you can keep your own teeth for as long as possible.


That said, when you come to your dentist in Erskineville, Dr Simon Lee, our principal dentist will carefully check your mouth for early signs of decay, gum disease and oral cancer, as well as assessing the condition of each individual tooth. Any problems that are spotted will be assessed holistically before treatment is decided upon.


Vano Riveindiran will clean away all the tartar that has built up on your teeth. If you are under 18, she may well carry out your check-up too. Vano can protect teeth from decay with fissure sealants and fluoride treatments and teach you clever ways to brush your teeth more effectively.

Giving you a lovely smile

Having strong, healthy teeth is not always the same thing as having a great smile, which is why we also offer various cosmetic dental treatments. Teeth are as important for smiling as they are for eating and talking. Talk to us to find out more about how this dentist in Erskineville can help you feel and look great.