The ins and outs of dental crowns

The ins and outs of dental crowns

by | Jan 4, 2022

Dentistry today is all about helping you to keep your teeth for as long as possible. Gone are the days when we just used to pull them out and give you a set of dentures to wear. One way we help you keep damaged teeth going for as long as possible is with crowns in Erskineville.

What are crowns?

Crowns are artificial white parts of the teeth that fit entirely over your damaged tooth to cover it all the way down to the gum. They are made of a variety of materials, but here at Healthy Smile Centre, we like to use ceramic crowns in Erskineville. Ceramic gives the most natural look.

When do I need a crown?

A crown is often the answer when:

  • your tooth has decayed so much that there is not enough natural structure remaining to sustain fillings or onlays;
  • your tooth has broken and cannot be built up with composite bonding;
  • to go on top of a dental implant to replace missing teeth;
  • to strengthen and protect your tooth after root canal therapy;
  • to protect teeth being eroded by grinding or aci

How do I get a crown fitted?

Your tooth needs to be prepared to have a crown put over it. Firstly, your dentist here at Healthy Smile Centre will clean your tooth, getting rid of any decay still present. The dentist will then reshape the tooth using a tool called a burr. You will need a local anaesthetic for this. The tooth is shaped to taper which makes it easier to fit the crown over.

Quicker with Cerec

It used to be that we’d take impressions of your teeth from which to create the crown, fit you with a temporary crown and you’d have to come back a couple of weeks later for the permanent one. But now, we can create crowns in Erskineville during your appointment using our Cerec (Ceramic Reconstruction) machine. We use digital scans to create the crown on the screen, and this information goes into the Cerec machine, which makes your new porcelain crown on the spot. You can even watch it being made.