Erskineville orthodontics

Erskineville orthodontics

by | Jan 3, 2022

Firstly, let us answer a few questions about orthodontic treatments. Orthodontics involves manipulating your jaw bone and teeth. In turn, it is possible to correct many disorders and alignment issues in your mouth. Common disorders treatable with orthodontic treatment include correcting tooth crowding, straightening teeth, closing gaps and correcting bite issues. There are also less obvious reasons to consider orthodontic treatment. For example, did you know that problems such as a cleft lip and palate, sleep apnoea and some facial disfigurements can also be treated with orthodontics? All of these issues are treatable with a variety of different options in our Healthy Smile Centre in Erskineville. Orthodontics provide not only a practical solution to these issues but they also, of course provide an aesthetic enhancement to your smile.

Putting your smile first

At our Healthy Smile Centre in Erskineville, orthodontics is something we are passionate about. The results we can achieve are life changing and, when looked after well, the results will last you for many years to come. Your smile is important to us. We understand the psychological and social impacts that your smile can have. We see your teeth as an important social asset. It is sadly true that an unattractive smile could adversely affect a person’s chances for employment and success, lower self-esteem and confidence, and hinder their chances of succeeding in life. We also know that aside from looking great, healthy, straight teeth are easier to clean, decreasing your chances of gum disease, dental decay, and unnecessary bite erosion.

What kind of techniques do we provide?

At the Healthy Smile Centre in Erskineville, orthodontics includes the use of both traditional and clear braces. We always aim for fantastic results. Your ideals are important to us and help us to achieve a final outcome that you will be happy with. Therefore, we will discuss your objectives and use them to tailor an attainable treatment plan. What’s more, we will keep you informed throughout your orthodontic journey. When you reach your goal and your braces are removed, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, leaving you with a beautiful smile.