Why choose the Healthy Smile Centre as your dentist in Erskineville?

Why choose the Healthy Smile Centre as your dentist in Erskineville?

by | Jan 3, 2022

Here at the Healthy Smile Centre in Erskineville dentists, are passionate about their work. Our team pride themselves on giving a high standard of care and treatment. We also take care to educate our patients, ensuring they have a detailed understanding of their oral health. Prevention is a huge part of the battle against many dental disorders, including gum disease, cavities and tooth loss. If you are experiencing a problem with your teeth or gums, we aim to find the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptom. Traditional dentistry tends to take a ‘drill and fill’ approach. A patient tends to visit their dentist when they have pain and their dentist will fix the problem. However, the patient may leave the practice none the wiser in terms of their own maintenance routines.

This is dental care with a difference

We want to change the old-fashioned patient experience. Our belief is that education is the key to success, particularly when it comes to oral health. Our regular seminars inform our patients, neighbouring doctors and allied health professionals on a range of health topics. We even have a youth community programme, Healthy Smile 4 Kids, to make sure our next generation has a clear understanding of dental hygiene. This programme takes us to local child care centres and schools, raising awareness and educating children about dental health.

We keep our knowledge and techniques at the cutting edge

Here at the Healthy Smile Centre, our dentists in Erskineville constantly update our techniques with continued educational seminars, both locally and internationally. In fact, we achieve the recommended three-year minimum requirement set by the Dental Board of Australia every six to nine months. What’s more, we regularly test and review dental products, giving you access to and advice on the best dental products on the market. You can literally take the most up to date maintenance advice and tools home with you.

We are one of the few dental practices around that understand the dynamic relationships between the different systems in your body and employ a holistic approach to oral health. Why not make an appointment to find out how we can help you?