Need a crown? We can give you one in a single appointment

Need a crown? We can give you one in a single appointment

by | Jan 7, 2022

As anyone who’s had a crown fitted in the past could tell you, the process of getting one is usually not the most pleasant dental experience you’ll have. Traditionally, it takes at least two appointments and you’ll probably need an uncomfortable temporary crown while your final crown is being made.

Times have changed
Here at the Healthy Smile centre, your dentist in Alexandria can make you a tailor-made, great-looking crown in a matter of moments. You now only need one appointment to get a crown.

The lengthy process of getting a traditional crown
In the past, getting a crown with your dentist in Alexandria would take two visits, with a waiting period between them.

Visit 1
Your tooth would be prepared by grinding it to a shape that will allow your crown to be fitted on top of it. Next, a impression would be taken of your mouth. The impression would be used by a lab technician to make your crown. You’d need to wait a few days whilst your crown got crafted. During this time, you’d wear a temporary crown, probably made of a plastic material.

Visit 2
Your temporary crown would be removed and your final crown would be fitted.

The fast process of modern crown technology
Gone are the days of waiting for your crown to be made over a number of days. No more temporary crowns. No more uncomfortable gloopy impressions.

CEREC technology now allows us as your dentist in Alexandria to provide on the spot, tailor-made crowns in one appointment. These CEREC crowns are milled by a computer right there and then in our dental practice whilst you’re waiting. Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting long – these crowns are made in a matter of minutes and will fit perfectly thanks to our 3D scanning technology. Your new crown will be made of strong ceramic, colour matched to your other teeth.

The advantages of getting a CEREC crown from your dentist in Alexandria

  • Crowns are made in one visit
  • Save time
  • No need for an uncomfortable temporary crown
  • Porcelain looks and feels natural
  • No metal in the crown
  • Only one appointment is required.