Why bother with braces in Erskineville?

Why bother with braces in Erskineville?

by | Jan 7, 2022

So, you’ve got wonky teeth? So, what? You got through your childhood without having to worry about getting your teeth straightened. Why bother now just because the world has gone perfect smile crazy? It’s just vanity isn’t it?

Well, yes and no. There is a big element of wanting to look good in getting adult braces in Erskineville, while there are also some sound health reasons behind why getting your teeth straightened, no matter what your age, is a good idea.

Hang on to your teeth
One reason for getting braces in Erskineville is that you will find it much easier to keep your teeth clean when they are lined up properly. There will be fewer nooks and crannies in which plaque can build up to cause gum disease and decay, and where food can accumulate.

Also, when your teeth are evenly aligned, they work as a team to bear the forces created by chewing. When they aren’t and only a few are doing all the work, they can tend to wear and crumble away.

Is vanity really such a bad thing?
We can be terribly down on people who want to look their best, but the smile is our most important non-verbal tool of communication. Evolution hardwired us to notice if others’ teeth aren’t straight and clean. It’s how we judge how young and healthy people are, and whether they carry diseases. It’s why we get so easily ashamed of our teeth too. So, do yourself a favour, get straight teeth and watch your self-confidence increase as you discover how many doors can open when you have a great smile. Having well aligned teeth can also do wonders for your facial structure, supporting your cheeks properly. It’s like having a facelift but a lot more gradual.

Is it too late to get braces in Erskineville?
No. Teeth move in the jawbone with the right amount of sustained pressure. It’s a matter of dissolving and rebuilding bone. This happens more quickly when you are young, but there is no reason not to have braces in your 40s, 50s, 60s and later if you want them.