What to do about sensitive teeth

Are you having a problem with sensitive teeth? If things like iced drinks or hot foods are making your teeth hurt, visit your dentist in Erskineville. Here at Healthy Smile Centre, we can identify the underlying causes of your sensitive teeth.

Why are my teeth so sensitive?

Tooth enamel erosion or decay can expose your tooth roots or the sensitive part on the inside of your teeth. Gum disease can also expose your tooth roots.

Treatments for sensitive teeth

Depending on what’s causing your tooth sensitivity, your dentist could recommend different treatments. Remember, it’s important to visit your dentist in Erskineville to figure out why your teeth are sensitive. Incorrect treatment, for example, applying desensitising toothpaste to decaying teeth, will not fix the problem and your decay will continue to get worse.

Desensitising toothpaste

This paste contains something to help ease the pain of sensitivity in your teeth. Use it regularly; it may take a few applications before you feel relief. You can get desensitising toothpaste from your dentist, or over the counter.


Sometimes exposed root surfaces can be desensitised with a technique called bonding. We’ll clean the problem area and apply a resin to cover the sensitive root surfaces. You will usually need a local anesthetic for this treatment.

Surgical gum graft

If your tooth root is exposed because of lost gum tissue, it’s possible for us to take small amount of gum from another place in your mouth and graft it to the area. This can protect your exposed roots and reduce sensitivity.

Root canal

In cases where the above treatments are not possible, we may suggest a root canal. This involves removing your tooth’s soft core, which is only required for the growth of your tooth. Once your tooth is fully grown, the core isn’t needed. We can replace it with a filling that won’t feel pain.

To prevent sensitive teeth

Reduce acidic or sugary food or drinks in your diet. Brush properly with a soft toothbrush and remember to floss. Don’t use your teeth to open bottles or chew ice. These, and other things can damage your teeth. If you have sensitivity, visit your dentist in Erskineville.

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