Healthy Smile ‘5 Stage Hygiene Clean’

Healthy Smile Centre’s careful and thorough hygiene experience is usually up to 40 minutes. Patients are provided a comprehensive appointment for just $195.50* which gives you a healthy smile - fresher breath with cleaner teeth and gums. Examination not included.

Benefits of the Healthy Smile ‘5 Stage Hygiene Clean’ include:
  1. Machine Scaling - Removing tartar above your gums, under your gums, around your teeth.

  2. Ultra-Fine Hand Scaling - Removing tartar above your gums, under your gums, around your teeth using ultra-fine tip for attention to detail.

  3. Inter-Proximal Scaling - Removing tartar in between your teeth using thinnest tip available to clean the parts that can’t be reached.

  4. Professional Flossing - Flossing of all contact points, teeth and gums.

  5. Professional Polish - Polishing all your surfaces with stain removal.

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  • Personalised programme to move forward in the best direction. 

*Terms and Conditions:
Healthy Smiles Centre does not encourage the indiscriminate use of regulated health services. Informed consent will be requested before commencing any dental treatment. Your dentist will discuss your treatment expectations and desired outcomes. Rebates for your treatment may vary depending on health fund provider. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Healthy Smiles Centre reserves the right to amend, change or remove this offer at anytime without notice. Contact us for more information. Examination not included.


Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene treatment is delivered by a specially trained dental hygienist who will help to remove any hard-to-reach plaque from your teeth that may have built up over time. Here is what you can expect from a hygiene appointment:

  1. Your teeth and gums will be assessed to determine the amount of plaque removal you will need and risk factors will be highlighted.

  2. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes. This process is also known as scaling and polishing.

  3. The hygienist's role is to show you how to look after your teeth so that they remain free from plaque in the future. You will be advised on the best tooth brushing technique and given tips on flossing and using interdental brushes.

Dental hygiene at our practice also functions preventatively to treat gum disease and bad breath. If you have a bridge, denture, orthodontic treatment or a dental implant you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with.

It is recommended that you come in for regular hygiene appointments to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

Life Benefits

  • Minimised risk of tooth loss.

  • Fresh minty breath.

  • Reduced risk of developing tooth decay and need for fillings.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Contact us for more information

Vano Raveindiran

Oral Health Therapist (Dental Therapist/ Dental Hygienist)

BSc (UTS) BOH (USyd) Clinical Instructor Univ of Sydney

After completing her Bachelor of Oral Health degree from the University of Sydney, Vano went on to work in the public hospital, private clinic and in paediatric specialist practice.

As a dental therapist, Vano is qualified to provide general dental treatment on patients up to the age of 18 years. This includes checkups, hygiene maintenance, preventative sealants, fillings, extractions and nerve treatments. She believes it is necessary to introduce children to the dental clinic at an early age for prevention and early intervention of any oral and general health issues.